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The Austrian lakes in Carinthia

The Austrian lakes in Carinthia

To discover the many lakes that Carinthia has to offer, you have come to the right place.

Located on the Afritzersee, next to Brennsee/Feldsee, in close proximity to Millstättersee, Ossiachersee, Faakersee, Wörthersee and Weissensee, we are sure that you will not be bored.

Below are the links for the lakes and all activities and information.

Wörthersee, blue as the sky

Millstättersee, romantic and versatile

Faakersee, turquoise and Harleys

Ossiachersee, Sports and Music

Weissensee, relaxing outdoors

Feld am See, Afritzer See, a must see

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